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Dear readers,

Rockmelt will be around only for another month, so we put the maximum input in the projects. Currently we are busy and very excited about the upcoming Creative Company Conference  which indeed is an interesting project and happening already on June 7. This event is specially aimed at the creatives, the corporates, the new style agencies, the public initiatives, the creative entrepreneurs and change makers. The program is truly interesting, great speakers will be present. It will be a place for knowledge, information and exchange experiences.

So, don’t forget – June 7!

Meanwhile, you are probably starting to plan your holiday. Read this article and see how you can use social media usefully during your vacation!


Rainy Monday has locked us up in the office, but we don’t mind, because Rockmelt had a holiday last week. That, of course, does not mean that Rockmelt wasn’t working, sure we were, but still we had some time to take some rest.

Some of our projects are still on hold, we are waiting for a response from our possible clients, but meanwhile we are working hard on the current clients. Take a look, Joost is doing good with his “Doe je droombaan” project ! And, by the way, the polo event website is online now !

Keep following us and enjoy the day!


Hello, readers!

Today we will introduce you to our second project  – a Polo event – which is still in a preparation phase. This is a project executed by German event agency and team Rockmelt will do the online marketing campaign.

But to start off, what exactly is Polo and where does it come from?

“Polo is a team sport played on horseback in which the objective is to score goals against an opposing team.” (Wikipedia)

Polo’s history starts back on 1st AD, when it was the first game for cavalry units. However, through the history polo has become a an elite game for wealthy people and not without a reason – playing polo can be very costly. It requires one time investments, for example, a horse, however, there are yearly costs, like club fees, veterinary and equipement, which can go up to 10,000 dollars.

And here is the link with the german event company Arne Art Affairs – they are leading a project, which goal is to broaden to audience of Polo sport and make it more accessible to non-elite society.

Team Rockmelt will help it happen!

Back on the track

Hello everybody!

We hope that you enjoyed the unusually sunny Easter days and ate as many eggs as possible!

Team Rockmelt is back in the office and working on projects with full attention. Currently we are busy with a project called “Color beach”, which will take a place on an island near Germany.

Here is more on the concept:

And we, of course, will do the online marketing for this ongoing event.

Regarding this project, the most difficult part seems to be the language barrier, since all the research that has to be done is in German and only one of the team members speaks fluent German, but we are trying and it is going well!

Apart from this, there are some more interesting things coming up, but more about that the next time.

Team Rockmelt

On a sunny Wednesday noon, team Rockmelt went to Bloemendaal beach for a team building.

The team building consisted of several parts:

– Picnic

Every team member brought food that they fancy and we had a delightful meal with a sea view

Every team member brought food that they fancy and we had a delightful meal with a sea view

– Game

An important ingredient of a team building is an engaging activity, therefore team Rockmelt played a game called “Mine field”, which really required trust and team work.

– Conversations

Sun was baking our backs, while we were enjoying a cold drink and sharing our memories of past events in our lives

The result of team building is a better knowledge and understanding of fellow team members and their backgrounds and a fun day spent on a beach!

Team Rockmelt

Why Rockmelt?

More and more companies, non-profit organizations and other businesses realize the power of online media, specially social media. Kevin Robert claims that “Global spending on social business applications is estimated to hit $630 million this year and increase to $1.86 billion by 2014”. What does that mean? These businesses are willing to invest an enormous amount of money.

Rockmelt offers qualitative work done by skilled employees for a very low price!

Contact us and we will take good care of your online marketing campaign!

Our agency did the promotion and social media maintenance for a music business and science conference last week. The more interesting part was our classical social media strategy.

What did we do?

We built up the Facebook and Twitter accounts for our clients and advertised them also offline via flyers with QR code and the link towards a winning game for 5 tickets (each 35 Euro) to the conference. People had to hash tag our client and write down why they thought they deserved the tickets the most, the same we did with a Facebook like page. The activities involved: Blog addressing, listings and following. Within 3 days we faced following results:

–          45 Likes on Facebook, ca. 130 views per day

–          More than 200 followers on twitter, 180 permanent

–          2 ticket requests on the day of the conference

The lost opportunities, as seen by our team, were the following:

–          Establish earlier the official hash tag

–          Connect more than 2 different platforms for the winning game!

–          Blog addressing and press release were really late and the results were traceable, because of missing staff

With the link below you may be able to integrate your social media activities better into your marketing. Feel invited to comment on it!

A new start

Today team Rockmelt finally moved into the new office!

We had team-building activities with other teams outside in the sun. Team Rockmelt has many great qualities and services to offer, however after the “trading” with other teams, we will provide another team with a BBQ place, while the other team will organize a team building for us!

Apart from the fun activities, Rockmelt is working hard as always! Everybody is very busy working with and for our clients! Joost’s “Doe je droombaan” project opening is happening today and IASPM Benelux conference will take place in only 3 days!

Our team will be available at the office from Monday till Thursday from 9 to 17, so feel free to contact us!

Team Rockmelt

Busy days

Rockmelt these days is on a really busy road!

Currently we are working with two clients –

“Doe je droombaan”, where we help Joost with monitoring social media, coming up with ideas for the opening of his project and may other things.

However the “hottest” thing at the moment is IASPM Benelux symposium, which will happen for the first time in The Netherlands! Rockmelt is doing the online marketing for this client. Every team member is very busy doing several things and the conference is taking place already in a little bit more that one week!

By the way, dear reader, you have a chance to win a ticket for this 2-day symposium!

Go to:


Team Rockmelt

While  it seems pretty quiet in Rockmelt land, we are working hard behind the scenes!

Our first client meeting is scheduled: on Tuesday we will meet with our ‘Droombanen’ client, Joost. We also tried to arrange a meeting with the Fudge for this week, but this failed as The Fudge were only available at times when their Management wasn’t. We will try to meet them next week. If this still isn’t possible we will search for other possibilities, if necessary even a meeting via Skype will suffice.

We are using our contacts to gain feedback and information on our Marketing Plan. At the same time we are working hard on the Legal and Financial side of our company as well. Lastly, we are trying to get our own website instead of a blog. This will cost us more, but will look more professional and with the right contacts, the extra costs will not be that much.

You’ll hear more from us after the first client meeting!

Team Rockmelt